Fundraising Pharmacy invites you to join us in Vancouver for the third annual WCFC -- the only award-winning, multi-day, annual professional development opportunity for fundraisers in western Canada.
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Shanon Doolittle

Shanon Doolittle + Co.
Chief Fundraising Strategist
I’m Shanon Doolittle, Born Do-Gooder, High-Fiving Fundraising Coach & Girl On A Mission to Spread Donor Happiness.*cheery wave*

I help non-profiteers & world-changers take better care of themselves + their donors with creative stewardship plans + donor thank you campaigns that put the FUN back in fundraising. (Cue the confetti!)

Put simply: If you’ve got donors dropping like flies? It’s time to point more appreciation their way. They’re humans too (hint, hint) & just like you, they want to be showered with recognition for their good deeds + trust in you that their contributions are leaving a T-Rex imprint on the causes they rally behind.
Wednesday, May 30

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Thursday, May 31

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